About Top Golf Carts

TopGolfCarts.com is the number one source for all of your golf cart needs. TopGolfCarts.com carries all of the top brands of golf carts and also offers used golf carts. TopGolfCarts.com was founded in early 2012 by Dwayne Austin and Steve Johnson. Both Dwayne and Steve have extensive experience in the industry. Dwayne managed one of the largest golf courses in Florida for more than 20 years and was in charge of buying and maintaining a fleet of more than 200 golf carts and utility vehicles. Steve worked at one of the largest golf cart dealers for 15 years. Dwayne and Steve had been discussing the idea of creating the ultimate source for all golf cart needs for more than 10 years when they finally decided to create TopGolfCarts.com in 2012.

Quick Facts

  • Launched in 2012.
  • Headquartered in Miami, Florida.
  • 15 Employees.
  • Over 1,000 golf carts sold.

If you'd like more information about TopGolfCarts.com you can reach us by phone or email.